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IT Departments & First Impressions for New Users

I think we've all seen, heard, or been a part of the types of IT Teams that illicit murmurs and sideways glances when they walk through the building. This can be anything from user trepidation to frustration with an IT Team in general. What causes this though?

Before I worked in IT, I worked interchangeable between sales & customer service roles for much of my adult life. These were always upbeat, high energy teams of individuals that usually tried to provide some level of value to their customers. Obviously you get the black sheep, but these people usually don't last long...or they don't go far if they do.

The thing that really struck me when I first started working in IT was what I call the IT Stigma. In the corporate world, the IT Team is generally the big bag "NO" police that ruin everyone's fun and do whatever they can to make getting work done...harder. As you can imagine, this means people from all levels of the business can end up having a tenuous relationship with their technical teams. 

In my experience though, this doesn't need to be the case - and often enough it comes down to new user experience.


New User Experience


First impressions are so important, and you never know if that junior rep that you just setup a login for will eventually be the head of sales. This is why building good relationships with users from day one is so important. If you give that user awesome  service, and make an already stressful first day at a new job a little bit easier - they may not remember it. You know what they will remember though? When on their first day, the IT Tech was rude to them and handed them a reassigned laptop that wasn't cleaned (covered in boogers). They'll remember the tech that took his time providing them with the access they needed to get started. 

They'll remember the bad, not the good.

So what's the point then? If you give them awesome service and they forget you, but remember when you give them bad service. You're fighting an uphill battle, right? Not quite - have you ever heard the phrase "no news is good news?" If this junior sales rep  becomes the head of sales in five years time, and he's never had nothing but positive experiences with the IT Team from day one. Don't you think he's more likely to take a moment to stand up for your team when one of his peons starts making a fuss about a broken phone screen?

The moral of this little blurb is that first impressions aren't necessarily about leaving a lasting GOOD impression that each user will remember. I mean if they do, that's freakin great - but that's not always tenable. However, user's WILL notice when they don't have a history of BAD experiences with your team. I can tell you that a history of no bad experiences, can be just as valuable as a history of good ones.

  • Mar 25, 2021
  • Category: News
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